Y-221M Retrievable Mechanical Packer

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Apply for zonal injection, extraction, leak finding, squeeze, acid treatment and well testing.


Hydraulic anchor use stainless steel materials, which effectively prevent the phenomenon hydraulic anchor claw rust and not back happened because of long time, poor water quality in the sealing process.

The elements are made of import modified hydrogenated butadiene acrylonitrile rubber vulcanization, which has the characteristics: high temperature resistance, anti-aging, resistance to high pressure difference. Once uncured after a long time in seal compression, the recovery is good.

Anchor claw and slip are set with hard alloy, which increased the bite of casing ability; it is suitable for different styles.

Slip and slip bowl are combined with wedge, which makes set or unsealing easy.

Center tube is designed with internal the sand controls scream so that it is easy to be recovery

The design of packer is scientific; Production processing technology is controlled strictly

good performance characteris.

Casing (in)OD.(in)ID.(in)Length(in)Temp(℉)Pressure(psi)Thread(in)
5-1/24.331.7355.35250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
5-1/24.491.8953.54250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
5-3/44.722.1755.31250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
65.312.2855.91250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
6-5/85.512.4456.50 250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
6-5/85.672.9957.48250-3005000-100003-1/2 EU
75.832.9957.87250-3005000-100003-1/2 EU
75.983.2358.39250-3005000-100004 EU
7-5/86.50 3.2358.74 250-3005000-100004 EU
8-5/87.283.6258.98250-3005000-100004 EU
9-5/88.273.6259.41250-3005000-100004 EU
9-5/88.463.9459.88250-3005000-100004-1/2 EU

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