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Y-241 Retrievable Hydraulic Packer

$999.00 $1798.2 Contact customer service to get the price
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Production process
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Apply for extraction, zonal injection, acid treatment and well-testing etc


Good recovery capability.

Sealing slip has made surface carburized quenching with 20 watts Cr M n Ti, so that tube is easy to get stuck and hard to break down.

Locking mechanisms: improve the lock set and lock ring locking mechanisms.

With the effect of the hydraulic piston, glue tub can not go back so that the packer is sealing.

Casing (in)OD.(in)ID.(in)Length(in)Temp(℉)Pressure(psi)Thread(in)
54.131.8954.92250-3005000-100002-7/8 NU
5-1/24.331.6954.69250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
5-1/24.491.9755.79250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
5-3/44.722.1756.65250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
65.312.3660.39 250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
6-5/85.512.3664.25250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
6-5/85.672.3668.15250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
75.832.3673.03250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
75.982.4473.70 250-3005000-100003-1/2 EU
7-5/86.50 2.9975.63250-3005000-100003-1/2 EU
8-5/87.282.9974.92250-3005000-100004 EU
9-5/88.273.2375.47250-3005000-100004 EU
9-5/88.463.4676.06250-3005000-100004-1/2 EU

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