Y-341 Retrievable Hydraulic Packer

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Production process
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Apply for water distribution system for zonal injection, acid treatment and squeeze etc


Double-piston, low-pressure set explored, good sealing.

Highly temperature -resistance and pressure-resistance glue tubing explored, stable, widely used.

Reasonable-design, high-pressure, overturn well-flushing with large emission.

Straight pull release, easy to operate and stable.

According to customers requirement to add backflushing.

Casing (in)Max OD.(in)Min ID.(in)Length(in)Temp(℉)Pressure(psi)Thread(in)
4-1/23.71.7736.3250-3005000-100002-3/8 NU
54.091.9737.17250-3005000-100002-3/8 NU
5-1/24.492.3238.31250-3005000-100002-7/8 NU
5-3/44.722.3638.82250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
65.312.4439.02 250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
6-5/85.512.4439.25250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
6-5/85.672.4440.12250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
75.832.4441.46250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
75.982.9942.48 250-3005000-100003-1/2 EU
7-5/86.50 2.9943.94250-3005000-100003-1/2 EU
8-5/87.282.9944.76250-3005000-100004 EU
9-5/88.273.2347.8250-3005000-100004 EU
9-5/88.463.4652.24250-3005000-100004-1/2 EU

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