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Z-331 Cup Packer

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Used for moderate pressure differential in single tubing well, do not need to seal, just rely on differential pressure seal in well.


No anchor structure, and can be used in horizontal, shallow and deviated wells, without restricted for.

The cup can be installed on two side (maintain the pressure from two directions), also can be the same side (up or down) so that it can be assembled and disassembled easily.

The cup packer set and unset without other power equipment, moving string or pressure. It could set and seal the casing and tubing annulus just with the string. Save time and expenses.

The steel structure of the cup packer could improve the resistance of pressure.

Casing (in)OD.(in)ID.(in)Length(in)Temp(℉)Pressure(psi)Thread(in)
53.941.9720.35250-3005000-100002-7/8 NU
5-1/24.331.9720.35250-3005000-100002-7/8 NU
5-1/24.492.4421.57250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
5-3/44.722.4421.89250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
65.312.4422.52250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
6-5/85.512.4425.20 250-3005000-100002-7/8 EU
6-5/85.672.9924.88 250-3005000-100003-1/2 EU
75.832.9925.31250-3005000-100003-1/2 EU
75.982.9925.87250-3005000-100003-1/2 EU
7-5/86.50 2.9926.42250-3005000-100003-1/2 EU
8-5/87.283.1527.36250-3005000-100004 EU
9-5/88.27 3.6228.66 250-3005000-100004 EU
9-5/88.463.9429.09250-3005000-100004-1/2 EU

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