Hydraulic Anchor

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Apply for anchor the string when water-injection, acidification, fracturing, oil test etc. to avoid string movement.


Simple, convenient.

High strength alloy steel , high performance.

Adopt high elasticity stainless steel spring, stable performance.

Stable start pressure, easy release, anchor reliably.

Non-metal hydraulic anchor is our patent product, it adopt non-metal anchor claw to avoid the movement of string and protect casing from damage.

Casing (in)OD.(in)ID.(in)Length(in)Temp(℉)Thread(in)
43.151.1816.142502-3/8 EU
4-1/23.741.5717.522502-7/8 EU
54.131.9717.522502-7/8 EU
5-1/24.332.1717.522502-7/8 EU
5-1/24.492.3217.522502-7/8 EU
5-3/44.722.3617.522502-7/8 EU
65.322.4417.522502-7/8 EU
6-5/85.512.7621.652503-1/2 EU
6-5/85.67 2.7621.652503-1/2 EU
75.832.7621.652503-1/2 EU
75.982.7621.852503-1/2 EU
7-5/86.52.9922.322503-1/2 EU
8-5/87.282.9922.322503-1/2 EU
9-5/88.273.1523.352504 EU
9-5/88.473.1523.352504 EU

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