Sucker rod

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Sucker rod is a long and thin rod of pumping well. It is connected with polished rod on top and oil pump at bottom to transfer power.

The length of a single sucker rod is 7.62 or 8 m, 9.14 m, and the material is generally low carbon alloy steel. After quenching and tempering, the rod is connected one by one with internal thread hoops in the oil pipe, which extends to the piston at the underground oil layer and pumps oil through reciprocating motion

Common sucker rod: C, D, K, KD sucker rod

High strength sucker rod: H grade, divided into hy, HL, KHL three types

Sucker rod is an important part of sucker rod pumping equipment. The sucker rod is connected into a sucker rod string through a coupling. The upper part is connected with the pumping unit or screw pump motor through the polished rod, and the lower part is connected with the plunger or screw pump of the oil pump. Its function is to transfer the reciprocating motion of the Horsehead suspension point of the surface pumping unit to the downhole oil pump or to transmit the rotary torque of the screw pump motor to the downhole screw pump. According to the mechanical properties, sucker rods can be divided into C, K, D, KD, HL and hy sucker rods. Specification and model table of sucker rod nominal value Φ 16 (5 / 8 ") Φ 19 (3 / 4") Φ 22 (7 / 8 “).

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